Amelia County Animal Shelter
16565 Five Forks Road,
Amelia Court House, VA 23002

Phone: (804) 561-3878
Facebook page:

Area map: Location Map of Amelia County Animal Shelter, VA

Opening Hours (open to the public):
Monday: 10am-12pm, 3pm-6pm
Tuesday: 10am-12pm
Wednesday: 10am-12pm, 3pm-6pm
Thursday: 10am-12pm
Friday: 10am-12pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

If you are unable to visit during regular business hours, please call the shelter (804-561-3878) and make an appointment.

The dogs at Amelia County Animal Control need our help! Please consider adopting, rescuing, networking and donating to help them find rescues/homes. Amelia County Animal Shelter is located in Amelia County, Virginia. They are a government run facility operated by the Amelia County Animal Control. Our Adoption fee is $10 and all our animals come with a low cost spay and neuter program ($5) thanks to a local Non-Profit, APAW (Amelia Patron's for Animal Welfare).

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